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Jamie and Jeremiah
Jamie Jeremiah
Jamie and Jeremiah are extremely bonded to one another and need to be placed in a home together.  Jamie has been placed with her brother, Jeremiah, since she was an infant.

Jamie is a happy, funny, loving, energetic, and affectionate little girl.  She is full of personality and can act like a princess one minute and be mischievous the next minute.  Jamie loves to make people laugh and to be the center of attention.  Jamie was diagnosed with Bilateral Atresia and recently received a liver transplant in 2015.  Because of her medical needs, Jamie has some developmental delays, especially with speech.  Jamie requires daily medical care that includes medication, appointments with doctors, and speech.  Jamie requires daily medical care that includes medication, appointments with doctors, and follow-ups to the hospital and therapy.  Jamie will be starting kindergarten in the fall.  It will be necessary for Jamie to be placed in a home with parents who are able to meet her special medical needs and developmental delays.  The adoptive family must be able to provide for Jamie’s long term medical care in addition to any future complicated health risks.

Jeremiah is a happy, energetic, busy, loving, and affectionate little boy.  Jeremiah enjoys playing with his dinosaurs and loves playing video games.  Jeremiah attends first grade where he is on an IEP for speech and social delays.  Jeremiah has been diagnosed with ADHD for which he takes medication.  Jeremiah does best in a structured environment that has a daily routine.  Jeremiah also receives counseling in regards to being in foster care and having a sibling who has medical needs.  Jeremiah is very bonded and attached to his biological sister.

Kalena Firment

Shyla 9 and Jaryn 8

Shyla is a nine year old Caucasian female with blue eyes and blonde hair.  Shyla is smart and has strong communication skills.  She enjoys dancing, music, and singing.  Shyla has a history of struggling with parentified behaviors, but does well with redirection.  She is diagnosed with PTSD but is not prescribed any medicaitons.  Shyla is engaged in counseling and is working on honesty and open communication.  Shyla does well academically and achieves good grades.

Jaryn is an eight year old Caucasian male with blonde hair and blue eyes.  Jaryn is very loving, sweet, and nurturing.  He enjoys swimming, outdoors, and video games.  HE does well in playing with peers.  Jaryn tends to internalize his emotions.  Jaryn is diagnosed with OCD and ADHD and is currently taking medication.  He is currently engaged in counseling to help him better manage and express emotions.  Jaryn does well academically at school, but at times, has behaviors regarding his emotions.
Shyla and Jaryn are very bonded to one another.  They get along well and look out for one another.  They are excited and ready to find their forever family.

Olivia Devorich

Taylor 15
Taylor is 15 years old. She enjoys outdoor activities such as jumping on a trampoline and swimming. Taylor is quiet and very polite. She is funny and likes to dress for comfort. Taylor listens to music and enjoys drawing. She needs a family that is patient and willing to provide necessary prompts and reminders for daily tasks. Taylor is in the 9th grade and is placed in a residential setting. Taylor suffers from cognitive delays and has an active IEP to address her learning delays. What Taylor wants in a forever home is a swimming pool, animals, such as horses, other kids and a mom and dad.

Isabella 10

Isabella is 10 years of age.  She is a sweet girl who likes to help.  She enjoys volunteer work and being involved with church.  She also enjoys reading chapter books.  She does well in school and makes friends easily.  She has experienced adoption disruption and is currently residing in a foster home.  Isabella would like to have a family that is active and has a lot of family time.

Mary Jane Bequeath

DJ and Laney **Matched with a Family**
12 & 10

David (DJ) is a handsome 12 year old boy with a beautiful smile.  He is very active and enjoys outdoor activities.  He likes riding his bike and playing basketball.  Academically, DJ can do well in school and is currently in the 6th grade.  HE also enjoys video games and playing on his tablet.  DJ is in a residential program, but is ready to transition to a family setting.

Halayna (Laney) is a beautiful 10 year old girl who loves being a girl.  She enjoys dancing, playing outside and riding her bike.  Laney also likes to draw, especially maps, in her Social Studies class.  She is currently in the 5th grade.  Laney is in a foster home, but is ready to move to her forever family with her brother.

DJ and Laney were exposed to an unsafe and unstable environment while living with their birth family and are presently in counseling to address their needs.  They would love to have a home with a mother and father.  They also love animals, especially dogs.

If you are interested in learning more about DJ and Lane, please contact:

Mary Jane Bequeath

Donald 9  **Matched With a Family**


Donald is an articulate, polite, and respectful 9 year old boy.  He participates in Cub Scots and attends church on a weekly basis.  Donald is used to being in a large family with many children.  He wishes to have siblings his own age to play with in an adoptive home.  He enjoys playing video games and riding his bike.  His favorite subjects are math and science. He would like to be a mathematician or a scientist when he’s older.  He loves sports.  His favorites are soccer and basketball.

Becky Umbel

Cenna 2008  **Matched with a Family**
Austin 2010  **Matched with a Family**
April 2011     **Matched with a Family**
Shaun 2012  **Matched with a Family**

Cenna is a loving, kind and helpful 7 year old boy.  He likes to play with his cars and trucks and enjoys computer games.  Cenna likes to ride his bike and has played on a pee wee football team.  Cenna has an IEP with a specific learning disability and has been diagnosed with ADHD.  Academically, he is slightly below his grade level.  Cenna gets along well with his teachers, but has had some difficulty interacting with other children.

Austin is an empathetic 6 year old boy who is kind and loving.  He loves to be helpful to others.  Austin likes playing with his cars and trucks and enjoys video games.  He wants to learn how to ride his bike.  Academically, Austin does very well in his kindergarten classroom.  He has minimal behavioral problems in school.

April is a confident, happy, well-adjusted 5 year old little girl.  April is curious and wants to be involved in everything that goes on around her.  She is very energetic and athletic and is always dancing and singing.  April likes to play with her dolls and puzzles.  She enjoys coloring and painting.

Shaun is an animated and happy 4 year old boy who is very social.  He is charming, imaginative, and curious. Shaun is interested in how things work and takes an interest in taking things apart and putting them back together again.  He likes puppies, kittens, tools, books, cars and trucks.  Shaun likes to be entertaining for attention and likes to tell stories.  He is currently receiving speech therapy in his preschool setting.

Mary Jane Bequeath

Jazlyn   1999


Jazlyn is a fun-loving, outgoing type.  She currently engages in therapy and is working on self esteem issues, as well coping skills. She is making progress with expressing her feelings in a more positive manner.  Jazlyn had a tumultuous past and needs a patient, caring family that will accept her for who she is.

Jazlyn’s strengths are her kind and caring nature and her ability to openly converse with others on a variety of topics of interest. Jazlyn receives average grades in school.  Her interests include listening to music of various genres, including gospel, rap, hip-hop, R & B, and country. She enjoys doing her makeup, painting her nails, dancing, and crafts. Jazlyn is an avid animal lover and also enjoys attending church.  Jazlyn enjoys being active and needs a family that will let her bond and develop trust at her pace. To learn more about Jazlyn contact:

Kalena Firment

Shania    2000

New Image 2014 web

Shania is a fun-loving, outgoing teen. She is somewhat quiet until she becomes familiar with a person. She enjoys staying active and participating in sports such as soccer and swimming. She is humorous and laughs a lot. She reports her favorite music genres as hip hop and country. She practices the Christian faith. Shania’s past experiences of rejection and disappointment have made it hard for her to trust. Once her trust is earned she is capable of attaching, being loyal, and helpful. Shania prefers a placement with no pets, and no smokers. She gets along well with other children. Shania’s grades in school are in the average range.  She desires a family that can empathize with her past experiences and accept her for who she is.

Mary Jane Bequeath

 Ja’Mariona     2003  **Matched with a Family**

 JaMaria          2006  **Matched with a Family**
D’Juan            2010  **Matched with a Family**

Ja’Mariona is a wonderful child who is personable and enjoys conversation.  She is the oldest of this three-sibling group.  Ja’Mariona is engaging, eager to please and responds well to praise.  She enjoys helping out around the house.  She has made great strides in her current foster home placement and enjoys being part of a family.  Ja’Mariona is on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to address her academic needs in school. She receives counseling and psychiatric services to address emotional issues.  At times, Ja’Mariona will exhibit inappropriate behaviors that needs to be redirected.  She needs close supervision.  She is in good physical health and enjoys activities such as dancing, singing and playing with dolls. She also enjoys “girly” things such as having her hair done and nails polished.

JaMaria is an adorable child who loves affection and spending time with her caregivers.  She is warm and has a beautiful smile.  JaMaria struggles in various areas such as learning and comprehension and is on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  She also participates in counseling and receives psychiatric services to address emotional and behavioral issues.  JaMaria is easily redirected when exhibiting inappropriate behaviors.  At times she has difficulty in the classroom setting.  She is physically healthy.  JaMaria needs close supervision and will require consistency, patience and structure. JaMaria enjoys singing, dancing, coloring and watching children’s television shows.  She responds well to praise.

D’Juan has a pleasant and endearing demeanor.  He is physically healthy and participates in an early intervention program to improve his speech and fine motor skills.  He can appear quiet and shy until he gets to know you.  D’Juan likes typical boy things such as playing with toy trucks, cars, coloring and watching children’s educational shows.

All three children have recently been transitioned to a new foster family.  The family that is interested in adopting these children will need to have patience, provide structure, consistency and love and have the ability to keep the children active. For more information contact:

Mary Jane Bequeath

 Da’Quan      1999

DaQuan Website2014
Da’Quan is a handsome young man  who is shy and quiet at times  but also friendly and engaging.  He loves outdoor activities, playing video games and  participating in sports such as basketball & football.  He performs well in school academically and has the ability to make and maintain relationships with his peers.  He is a pleasant child with a charming personality.  He is involved in counseling to address various behaviors.

Mary Jane Bequeath

Robert      2001

Walp, Robert
Robert is a friendly, outgoing young man.  Robert is generally healthy and is of average height, but above average weight for his age.  He enjoys playing outside, playing video games and playing with trucks and cars.  Robert likes fishing and participating in outdoor activities. He has a good sense of humor and is very eager to please.  Robert, at times, has issues getting along with others and controlling his anger.  He is involved in counseling and is on medication to address his behavioral issues and concerns related to the loss of his birth family.  Currently, he is performing average academically, but has to be redirected at times due to behaviors in the school setting.  Robert is in need of a strong, structured family who is patient, open to counseling and willing to give him a chance to thrive. For more information please contact:

Kalena Firment

Brooklyn    2005     **Matched with a Family**


Brooklyn is an energetic child who appears to be shy until she gets to know you.  She enjoys drawing, coloring, playing video games, crafts, watching cartoons, Nick Jr. and riding her bike.  She also enjoys helping around the house, especially outside.  Brooklyn has struggled in the past academically, but has improved greatly this school year.  She still struggles with focusing and following instructions and requires re-enforcement on a consistent basis.  She takes daily medication for ADHD.  She also has a medical condition which affects her adrenal glands and requires daily medications and routine medical care.  Brooklyn receives counseling to address emotional and behavior issues.  Brooklyn needs a loving, patient, committed family who can provide consistency and structure and meet her medical needs.

Kalena Firment

A’Laisha      2001

A’Laisha is a fourteen year old girl who is full of life. She is open and honest and easy to talk to. She is artistic and loves to dance. A’Laisha is a girly-girl who likes fashion, doing her nails, and getting her hair done. She takes pride in her surroundings and keeps her room clean and organized. A’Laisha would love to have a forever home one day. She would like a family that listens and is understanding. Most of all she wants a family that doesn’t give up.

Mary Jane Bequeath