Children Waiting

Natalie, 10 Natalie is a 10 year old girl with brown hair and hazel eyes.  She enjoys crafts, music, and doing her make-up and nails.  She is currently on medication and is engaged in counseling services for her mental health needs.  She is also on an IEP at school due to her social and emotional delays.  Natalie is a loving and caring child looking for a forever home who will be committed to her into adulthood.       Contact Olivia Devorich for more information. 330-372-2010
Jeremiah, 8 and Jamie, 6 **Matched with Family** Jamie and Jeremiah are extremely bonded to one another and need to be placed in a home together.  Jamie has been placed with her brother, Jeremiah, since she was an infant.  Jamie is a happy, funny, loving, energetic, and affectionate little girl.  She is full of personality and can act like a princess one minute and be mischievous the next.  Jamie loves to quote her favorite movies, make people laugh and to be the center of attention.  Jamie was diagnosed with Bilateral Atresia and received a liver transplant in 2015.  Because of her medical needs, Jamie has some developmental delays, specifically speech.  She is currently in physical and speech therapy.  Jamie requires daily medication and has follow-up appointments for her transplant.  She was recently diagnosed with ADHD.  Jamie is currently in kindergarten and has an active IEP in place.  It will be necessary for Jamie to be placed in a home with parents who are able to meet her special medical needs and developmental delays. Jeremiah is a shy, energetic, loving and affectionate little boy.  Jeremiah enjoys playing with his dinosaurs and loves playing video games.  Jeremiah attends second grade.  Jeremiah has been diagnosed with ADHD and takes medication.  Jeremiah does best in a structured environment that has a daily routine.  Jeremiah also receives counseling in regards to being in foster care and having a sibling who has medical needs.  Jeremiah is very bonded and attached to his biological sister. Contact Kasey Sapp for more information. 330-372-2010
David "DJ", 14 David (DJ) is a handsome 14 year old boy with a great smile.  He is very active and enjoys outdoor activities.  He likes to ride his bike and play basketball.  He is a big Cavs fan!  Academically, DJ can do well in school and will be entering 8th grade.  He enjoys playing on his tablet and other various video games.  DJ is currently in a residential program, but is ready to transition to a family setting.  DJ was exposed to an unsafe and unstable environment while living with his birth family and is presently in counseling to address his needs.  He would love to have a home with either a single parent or two parents.  He also loves animals, especially dogs. Contact Olivia Devorich for more information. 330-372-2010
Cenna 8, Austin 7, April 6, Shaun 5 **Matched With a Family** Cenna is a loving, kind and helpful 8 year old boy.  He likes to play with his cars and trucks and enjoys computer games.  Cenna likes to ride his bike and has played on a pee wee football team.  Cenna has an IEP with a specific learning disability and has been diagnosed with ADHD.  Academically, he is slightly below his grade level.  Cenna gets along well with his teachers, but has had some difficulty interacting with other children. Austin is an empathetic 7 year old boy who is kind and loving.  He loves to be helpful to others.  Austin likes playing with his cars and trucks and enjoys video games.  He wants to learn how to ride his bike.  Academically, Austin does very well in his kindergarten classroom.  He has minimal behavioral problems in school. April is a confident, happy, well-adjusted 6 year old little girl.  April is curious and wants to be involved in everything that goes on around her.  She is very energetic and athletic and is always dancing and singing.  April likes to play with her dolls and puzzles.  She enjoys coloring and painting. Shaun is an animated and happy 5 year old boy who is very social.  He is charming, imaginative, and curious. Shaun is interested in how things work and takes an interest in taking things apart and putting them back together again.  He likes puppies, kittens, tools, books, cars and trucks.  Shaun likes to be entertaining for attention and likes to tell stories.  He is currently receiving speech therapy in his preschool setting. Contact Mary Jane Bequeath for more information. 330-372-2010
Robert, 15 Robert is a 15 year old friendly and outgoing young man.  Robert is generally healthy and is above-average in height and in weight for his age.  He enjoys making origami, playing card games, has a good sense of humor and is very eager to please.  At times, Robert has issues getting along with others and controlling his anger.  He is involved in counseling and takes medication to address his behavioral issues and concerns related to the loss of his birth family.  Currently, he is performing average, academically, with an active IEP, but has to be redirected at times due to behaviors in the school setting.  Robert is in need of a strong, structured family, who is patient, open to counseling and willing to give him a chance to thrive. Contact Kasey Sapp for more information. 330-372-2010
A'Laisha,16 A'Laisha is a beautiful 16 year old girl who can be helpful and does not mind doing chores or keeping her room clean.  She can be friendly and charming and is able to talk easily with others.  She is a girly girl who enjoys doing her hair and nails.  She would like to have a family that is active.  She has had several placements since coming into the Agency's custody.  Currently, she is residing in a residential treatment facility.   Contact Olivia Devorich for more information. 330-372-2010